Carnegie Robotics MultiSense S7

Integrated sensor system. Combines stereo vision, LIDAR, IMU. Ideal for robotics and autonomous navigation.

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The Carnegie Robotics Multisense S7 is a sensor system that integrates multiple sensing modalities, including high-resolution stereo vision, LIDAR technology, and an integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This compact yet robust sensor offers a comprehensive perception solution, providing depth, color, and spatial data simultaneously. Its high-resolution stereo cameras enable precise depth perception, and the inclusion of LIDAR technology enhances 3D point cloud generation for navigation and mapping tasks. The integrated IMU ensures accurate motion tracking and orientation data.

Tailored for robotics, autonomous vehicles, and industrial automation, the Multisense S7 is not only designed for seamless integration but its adaptability makes it ideal for applications that demand reliable environmental perception and interaction.

Type: Embedded Stereo
3D Resolution: 2048 x 1088 or 2048 x 2048
Range: 0.3 – 5 m
Frame Rate: Up to 30 fps
Precision: n/a
Interface: Ethernet

(Price: €7100.00)

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3D Resolution

High Resolution

Frame Rate

Standard (20 – 30 fps)


Ethernet-Based Interfaces

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