e-Con Systems Tara Stereo Camera

3D stereo camera for depth sensing. With NIR capability is ideal for drones and machine vision. Compact with real-time IMU data.

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e-Con Systems’ Tara is a 3D Stereo camera that is UVC-compliant and designed for depth sensing, machine vision, and drones. Powered by the MT9V024 stereo sensor from onsemi, it delivers synchronized WVGA resolution at 60fps over a USB 3.0 interface. Its compact design boasts dual 1/3-inch CMOS image sensors, complete with pre-calibrated lenses, ensuring optimal performance.

With its Near-Infrared (NIR) pixel capability, Tara performs well even in IR-illuminated environments. With its Near-Infrared (NIR) pixel capability, Tara shines even in IR illuminated environments. Furthermore, its 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides real-time data per frame, making it ideal for 3D vision space. Paired with a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) built on OpenCV, Tara offers developers a versatile platform for a myriad of 3D vision applications.

Type: Embedded Stereo Camera
3D Resolution: 752 x 480
Range: 0.5 – 3 m
Frame Rate: 60 fps
Precision: n/a
Interface: USB 3.0

(Price: $299.00)

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3D Resolution

Low Resolution


USB 3.0 and 3.1 Interfaces

Frame Rate

Enhanced (30 – 60 fps)

Depth Range