Ensenso N3x

Designed for challenging environments. Accurate detection, robust aluminum, flexible angles. Ideal for robotics, proximity tasks, and CAD integration.

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The Ensenso N3x is a 3D camera specifically designed for challenging environments. With its capability to ensure accurate 3D detection of both dynamic and stationary objects, it’s an ideal choice for fixed installations or seamless integration onto robotic arms. Its robust aluminum enclosure not only guarantees efficient heat dissipation, safeguarding the electronic components but also ensures unwavering light consistency, even under demanding conditions. This robust framework also provides flexibility for the CMOS sensors, supporting vergence angles ranging from a sharp 2° to a broad 10°, making it ideal for scenarios demanding proximity.

When paired with the Ensenso SDK package, the N3x promises an easy setup and swift operation. Moreover, other features are included, like GPU-accelerated 3D data crunching, real-time 3D point cloud composition, and precise robot hand-eye coordination. And with its latest update, it now boasts the capability to pinpoint objects within 3D point clouds using CAD geometries.

Type: Stereo Vision
3D Resolution: 1936 x 1216 (2.3 MP)
Range: 0.2 – 3 m
Frame Rate: Up to 30 fps
Precision: n/a
Interface: Gigabit Ethernet

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3D Resolution

High Resolution

Frame Rate

Standard (20 – 30 fps)


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