ifm O3D303

Ideal for industrial automation. Robust design, adaptive lighting, precise positioning.

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The ifm O3D303 is a Time of Flight 3D camera designed for industrial automation tasks. This camera captures and measures scenes in three dimensions, ensuring efficient object recognition, precise positioning, and meticulous quality control. Crafted with a robust design and an IP67 protection class, it stands resilient in challenging industrial conditions.

The camera’s integrated PMD sensor ensures reliable data acquisition even in challenging conditions, adapting seamlessly to diverse lighting scenarios, from complete darkness to direct sunlight. Moreover, its broad temperature range ensures adaptability and resilience in various conditions, making it suitable for automation systems, robot positioning, palletizing, and quality checks.

Type: Time-of-Flight
3D Resolution: 352 x 264
Range: 0.3 – 8 m
Frame Rate: Up to 25 fps
Precision: n/a
Interface: Ethernet

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3D Resolution

Low Resolution

Frame Rate

Standard (20 – 30 fps)


Ethernet-Based Interfaces

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