Intel RealSense D457

Close-range, 25cm minimum distance, 100°x75° FOV. Ideal for kiosks, ATMs. Global shutters, RGB, IMU integrated.

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The Intel RealSense D457 is 3D camera designed specifically for close-range interactions with a minimum working distance of 25cm. This close-range capability, combined with a wide field of view (FOV) of 100° x 75°, makes it particularly apt for interactive kiosk, point-of-sale terminals, and ATM applications. The D457 utilizes global shutters on its depth sensors to minimize motion blur and ensure accurate and crisp depth data capture. Integrated with a high-resolution RGB camera and an IMU, it combines color, depth, and motion to provide comprehensive scene information. This model also benefits from the Intel RealSense SDK 2.0, expanding its adaptability to a wide range of sectors and applications.

Type: Stereoscopic (Global Shutter)
3D Resolution: 1280×720
Range:  0.6-6m
Frame Rate: Up to 90 fps
Precision: <2% at 4m
Interface: GMSL/FAKRA

(Price: $499.00)

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3D Resolution

Medium Resolution

Frame Rate

High (60 – 100 fps)


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