Mynt EYE

Stereo vision depth camera with wide FOV. Ideal for drone navigation, logistics, and visual recognition. Rapid product implementation.

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The MYNT EYE is a stereo vision 3D camera designed for capturing intricate depth details. With a depth-sensing range spanning from 0.5 to 18 meters, it ensures optimal performance even in low-light conditions. With a 146-degree field of view and 60 FPS at 752×480 resolution, the MYNT EYE has applications in fast-paced scenarios like drone navigation. The camera’s prowess is further amplified with dual IR projectors, a six-axis IMU, and advanced frame synchronization. These features collectively make the MYNT EYE an ideal choice for logistics, obstacle avoidance, visual recognition, and precise navigation. Rigorously tested, this camera seamlessly bridges R&D innovations to real-world product implementations.

Type: Stereo Camera
3D Resolution: 752 x 480
Range: 0.5 – 18 m
Frame Rate: 60 fps
Precision: n/a
Interface: USB 3.0

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3D Resolution

Low Resolution

Frame Rate

Enhanced (30 – 60 fps)


USB 3.0 and 3.1 Interfaces

Depth Range