Zivid Two

3D color camera for industry. High resolution, wide FOV, HDR, structured light. Ideal for robotics.

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The Zivid Two is a 3D color camera designed for industrial applications. It offers a resolution of up to 2.3MP with precision in full-color point clouds. Its wide field of view (65° horizontal and 39° vertical) makes it apt for imaging larger objects in a single frame. The camera provides noise-free, detailed 3D images in real-time and is further enhanced with its high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities, ensuring clarity across different lighting conditions. Moreover, it uses structured light technology, ensuring safety for human eyes. If used with the Zivid Studio software and a robust SDK, it is well-suited for sectors like robotics, quality control, and logistics.

Type: Structured Light
3D Resolution: 1944 x 1200 (2.3 Mpixel)
Range:  0.03 – 1.3 m
Frame Rate: Up to 60 fps
Precision: n/a
Interface: 10 GigE

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3D Resolution

High Resolution

Frame Rate

Enhanced (30 – 60 fps)


Ethernet-Based Interfaces

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