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The Machine Vision Platform for Biomedical Research.

Accelerate your research with quality data. Combine 2D and 3D cameras in experiments, capture multiple perspectives, and train your models more efficiently. Get high-quality data to build robust machine vision models from one platform.

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Build Robust Machine Vision Models With Video Data

Why Biomedical Researchers Choose Aivero

Store larger datasets from multiple cameras. Combine 2D and 3D cameras, align video streams for training, and stream data across networks.

Automate Your Workflows With Machine Vision

Use conventional 2D and 3D cameras to combine visual data with machine learning models. Annotate and train to start making predictions that save time and cost.

Example Set Up: Biomedical

2x Raspberry Pi
2x Basler Blaze-101
1x Aivero © on-premises Solution

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Aivero’s solution allows researchers to connect 2D and 3D video cameras to one interface for data capture and analysis. Record, stream and store large datasets from your studies.

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