Using 3d video and AI to monitor and improve robot cells

Depth map is important to get a 3D representation of the space the gripper is operating in.

Using 3d video and AI to monitor and improve robot cells

The increased adoption of robots in the manufacturing and logistics industries puts more demand on efficiency improvements of robot cells as well as quality control and traceability.Aivero’s customers within Robotics are relying on our software to gather data on gripping performance, product damage detection, Path planning and general robot operations bottleneck detection as well as traceability of robot operations. 

Show a Robot cell in the industry /or logistics with a 3d camera and an Aivero screenshot on a PC beside it

The power of using AI to monitor robots

As robots become more integrated and ctitical parts of the manufacturing and logistics industry, the need for performance transparency and quality control becomes more and more important.Allthough robots become better and smarter, there is always room for improvement and better quality and traceability. This is why a “third eye” in many cases are essential parts of a robot cell. What is the problem?

Illustration showing system from camera to cloud and AI tools

How does Aivero help?

Aivero is offering a system that reliably captures 2d and 3D video and still frames and streams and stores the data securely either on premise or in the cloud. The data is compressed using our 3DQ codec enabling customers to easily transfer and store the data at a fraction of the cost compared to uncompressed data. In progress: Once the data is available on your chosen infrastructure (cloud or local) , we have interfaces to off the shelf Annotation and Training tools seen in the overview we made here. This enables you to fine tune the models used to monitor your robots using the best tools available at all times. Once you are happy with an AI model, you can deploy it to your edge inference device with a single click.

Show illustration of video annotation tool (Screenshot)

QualityWe offer to constantly monitor the quality of the robot cell work, including monitoring of goods damage, manual interference. How does this integrate with customer systems?PerformanceOur system will monitor performance and reliability of your cell and notify you if there are deviations or room for improvement in both regards to gripping and robot movements, path planning etc. How is does measured?TraceabilityYou will be able to record data directly to your ERP system to ensure full traceability of the parts being processed by your robot cell.

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