Available: GStreamer support for Azure Kinect

In addition to our current support for the Intel RealSense D400 series cameras, we now also support the new Microsoft Azure Kinect.

These open-sourced GStreamer elements allow for opening and recording from Azure Kinect cameras, as well as displaying and accessing frames from a pre-recorded Azure Kinect .mkv file.

gst-launch-1.0 k4asrc serial=000007792112 enable_color=true ! queue ! rgbddemux name=demux
demux.src_depth ! colorizer near-cut=300 far-cut=5000 ! queue ! videoconvert ! queue ! glimagesink
demux.src_color ! queue ! videoconvert ! glimagesink

Azure Kinect in Aivero office

Azure Kinect in the Aivero office

Elements supporting Microsoft Azure Kinect can be found here:

Point cloud of office and Aivero logo


For more details check out our ReadMe:

Please find all our open sourced bits here:


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