We’re thrilled to announce that Aivero has been accepted into the Google Cloud Startup Program (GCP), a highly coveted platform tailored explicitly for AI startups. This is a significant step in our journey, and we’re eager to dive into the myriad of opportunities this program presents.

The program includes access to dedicated training and resources, such as advanced AI labs, architectural guidance, and hands-on workshops. This level of support will significantly accelerate our learning curve and implementation of Google Cloud AI solutions.

Moreover, we have exclusive access to the ‘Built with Google Cloud AI’ program, offering additional tools, training, co-marketing opportunities, and amplification on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Engaging with Google’s AI experts and gaining insights into the latest products through webinars and Q&As is another highlight of this program. These sessions will keep us at the forefront of AI advancements and product developments. Being part of GCP opens up a world of opportunities for us and is a game-changer, enabling us to enhance our computer vision solution and expand our technological capabilities.

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