Aivero participates in Telia Startup

Telia Startup is a mentor program aimed at early phase startups that wish to build scalable solutions within communication technology. In collaboration with Startup Norway, Telia Startup provides an ecosystem for entrepreneurs who challenge the status quo.

In 2019 Telia launched the Startup program, and this year Aivero is happy to announce its participation.

Telia Startup will provide a common ground for seven handpicked entrepreneurs, facilitating knowledge transfer and mentorship on logistics, sales, and marketing. Needless to say, the Aivero team is beyond excited to participate in Telia’s mentor program in the coming 6 months.

Throughout the program, Aivero will continue working with the scalability of its 3D video streaming solution, which applies to robots, making them more intelligent. Streaming 3D data enables robots to see the real world in depth, resulting in a simplified deployment process. Anyone can deploy a robot in this no-code approach.

Telia provides the Internet of Things (IoT) with the high-speed connection necessary for efficient data transfer. Combining their expertise with Aivero’s ambition of taking robots online with 5G enables remote support, supervision, and training. 

We look forward to a collaboration that, in conclusion, greatly benefits anyone interested in accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use automation solutions. 

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