Multi-Camera Streaming

Stream and Capture Effortlessly

Aivero provides an intuitive platform for real-time video streaming across multiple cameras, enabling effortless data capture from both 2D and 3D sensors for users at any skill level.

Featured in Scientific Report (February 2024)

“Aivero offers web-based streaming software for depth cameras with scheduling, custom sessions, and playback, using hardware acceleration for efficient compression and smooth, low-bandwidth streaming.​”

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how it works

Multi-Camera Platform for Biomedical Research

24/7 Video Capturing

Our technology offers flexible, continuous observation for complete data capture, enhancing ethical research and animal welfare.

Flexible and Accessible

Our solution supports any camera and off-the-shelf hardware, enabling remote and on-site management from any device, streamlining research monitoring processes.

Data management and editing

Browser-based tools for previewing and managing cameras, scheduling recording and managing the visual data.