GStreamer elements for Intel RealSense series

GStreamer is the number one multimedia handling framework used by many open and closed-source projects and products.

In Aivero, we have open-sourced a set of GStreamer elements designed to allow opening the video streams from the Intel RealSense D400 series RGB-D cameras.

Intel RealSense

The source elements above produce our newly defined (open source) `video/rgbd` interface, often called a `caps type` in GStreamer. This interface gives element developers access to the frames from all enabled devices on board the camera, taken at the same time. Certain types of post-processing will benefit from low-overhead access to this matched set of frames.

Furthermore, we have also made available the `rgbdmux` and rgbddemux` elements, respectively muxing and demuxing our `video/rgbd` to the contained elementary streams, i.e. on the D400 series these would be `depth, infra1, infra2, colour`.

These demuxed video streams can now be used like any other stream inside GStreamer, giving developers access to all the powerful tools GStreamer provides. 

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