duo3d DUO MC

3D camera for advanced computer vision. Excels in-depth mapping, and real-time processing. Ideal for AR and robotics.

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The DUO MC is a 3D camera designed specifically for cutting-edge computer vision applications. Equipped with dual synchronized global shutter CMOS sensors, this camera excels in capturing stereo images, making it suitable for depth mapping and 3D vision tasks. Its ability to record at high frame rates ensures seamless real-time processing and tracking.

Specific for the DUO MC camera is that each unit arrives factory-calibrated, guaranteeing precise measurements right out of the box. The onboard FPGA further amplifies its capabilities, facilitating real-time image processing. This not only enhances the camera’s output but also alleviates the workload on any connected host system. Given its features, it stands out for applications like robotic vision, gesture recognition, augmented reality, and other 3D vision tasks.

Type: Stereo Camera
3D Resolution: 752×480, 640×480, 640×240, 640×120, 320×480, 320×240 or 320×120
Range: 0.7 – 2m
Frame Rate: Up to 320 fps
Precision: n/a
Interface: USB 2.0 Micro-B

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