Intel RealSense D455

Advanced depth perception, dual sensors, 6m range. RGB integration, global shutters, robust design. Ideal for robotics, and multimedia.

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The Intel RealSense D455 is a 3D camera designed for advanced depth perception capabilities and broad environmental understanding. Equipped with dual stereo depth sensors and an expansive baseline, it ensures unparalleled accuracy in capturing 3D depth, spanning an impressive range of up to 6 meters. A standout feature is its integrated RGB sensor, which, when combined with global shutters on both depth and RGB sensors, minimizes motion blur and guarantees synchronized depth and color streaming. The D455’s robust design is further enhanced by its protective glass, shielding the sensors and ensuring longevity in demanding conditions.

When paired with the Intel RealSense SDK 2.0, the D455 is an optimal choice for applications ranging from robotics to interactive multimedia.

Type: Stereoscopic (Global Shutter)
3D Resolution: 1280×720
Range:  0.6-6m
Frame Rate: Up to 90 fps
Precision: <2% at 4m
Interface: USB-C 3.1

(Price: $419.00)

Additional information

3D Resolution

Medium Resolution

Frame Rate

High (60 – 100 fps)


USB 3.0 and 3.1 Interfaces

Depth Range


Medium (1-5mm)