Nerian Scarlet 3D Depth Camera

3D camera for real-time applications. Versatile, precise, IP67 rated. Ideal for SLAM, agriculture, and autonomous driving.

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Nerian’s Scarlet is a 3D stereo vision camera designed for real-time stereo vision applications. Whether in static or dynamic environments, Scarlet stands out with its unparalleled depth-sensing capabilities. From agriculture and autonomous driving to bin picking, its applications are vast and versatile.

At its core, the integrated high-speed IMU, tailored for applications like SLAM, ensures precision even on the most challenging surfaces. The synergy with the Effi-Lase pattern projector further amplifies its accuracy. Available in two baseline models (10 cm and 25 cm), Scarlet offers the flexibility to adapt to various scenarios. Its robust IP67 rating ensures resilience against outdoor elements and dusty conditions. Powered by a robust FPGA and a stereo algorithm, it promises real-time, pinpoint-accurate depth sensing, making it a top choice for OEMs and integrators.

Type: Embedded Stereo Camera
3D Resolution: Up to 2432 × 2048 pixels
Range: 0.1 – 1.4 m
Frame Rate: Up to 120 fps
Precision: n/a
Interface: Gigabit Ethernet

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3D Resolution

Ultra-High Resolution

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