Orbbec Femto Mega I

AI-powered depth and RGB camera, ideal for robotics, logistics, and industrial automation.

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The Orbbec Femto Mega I is a depth and RGB camera incorporating an integrated NVIDIA Jetson Nano system-on-module for AI processing. Its design allows for in-camera processing and comes with the Orbbec SDK for easy setup and integration with various applications, from robotics and automation to logistics and quality control. It offers real-time streaming of processed depth and RGB images over Ethernet, making it a suitable choice for complex environments requiring precise depth perception and high-quality imaging. With its IP65 rating, the Femto Mega I is designed to withstand challenging industrial conditions, ensuring reliable performance across various sectors.

The Femto Mega I has synchronization capabilities. This allows for increased camera coverage in a given space, filling in occlusions where a single camera might have blind spots. It also enables capturing multiple images of the same scene and scanning objects from different angles, enhancing the depth and detail of 3D imaging​.

Type: Time-of-Flight
3D Resolution: Up to 1024X1024@10fps (WFOV), 640X576@10fps (NFOV)
Range: 0.25 – 3.86 m
Frame Rate: Up to 30 fps
Precision: <17 mm
Interface: Ethernet (M12 X-coding Connector 8 pins)

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3D Resolution

Medium Resolution

Depth Range

Frame Rate

Standard (20 – 30 fps)


Ethernet-Based Interfaces


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