Orbbec Femto Mega

High-resolution ToF with broad view. Integrated NVIDIA Jetson Nano. Ideal for robotics, logistics, health tech.

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The Femto Mega is a Time-of-Flight camera, designed to redefine depth sensing. With a high-resolution sensor, it ensures detailed scene capture, complemented by a broad field of view that encompasses vast areas. Unique to this camera is its adaptability; its multi-mode Depth and RGB camera are tailored for computer vision and AI. Moreover, it boasts in-camera depth vision algorithm processing coupled with an integrated NVIDIA Jetson Nano system, eliminating the need for external computation.

When paired with the Orbbec SDK, the Femto Mega promises an easy setup and a comprehensive API suite, making it an ideal choice for robotics, logistics, and health tech innovations.

Type: Time-of-Flight
3D Resolution: 1240 × 1240 or 640 × 576
Range: 0.2 – 5.4 m
Frame Rate: Up to 30 fps
Precision: <17mm
Interface: USB 3.0 Type C / Ethernet

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Additional information

3D Resolution

Low Resolution, High Resolution

Frame Rate

Standard (20 – 30 fps)


USB 3.0 and 3.1 Interfaces

Depth Range


Low (5mm+)