Volumetric Video Codec

Aivero announces volumetric video codec for RGBD video

Aivero is ready to commercialize its core technology, which consists of a processor-effective and configurable real time volumetric video (RGBD) codec. The video codec compresses 2d bitmap streams and depth maps all at the same time and combines the data into a bandwidth efficient, low latency synchronised RGBD video stream which can enable a range of applications:

  • Cloud based recording of volumetric video
  • VR video conferencing and streaming
  • Cloud based robotics vision systems
  • Thin client machine vision systems
  • Real time scanning and cloud capture of volumetric data

Aivero plans to make the codec ready for sale within August 2019 through dedicated machine vision hardware and will also consider offering license model and IP block (for FPGA and custom Asics) based business models.

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