We are beyond excited to announce the first successful deployments of our unique video-capturing solution at the NIH and FDA. Here, our solution helps automate biomedical research by providing researchers with an easy way of converting video data to scientific results. 

Biomedical Research Meets Advanced Video Capturing

Observation and interpretation bias are critical challenges to overcome in biomedical research. Not only does the presence of a researcher affect findings, but it also causes higher stress levels in animals, reducing welfare. This is why we developed a video-capturing solution that allows researchers to record, store, and stream data remotely to conduct non-invasive studies.

Developed in Collaboration With the NIH and FDA

Our solution was developed in collaboration with the NIH and FDA to help researchers follow the latest best practices in animal research. This includes a feature that allows researchers to record and monitor animal behavior without interference. 

Cyber Security: Air-Gapped Deployment

In the particular case of the NIH and FDA, an air-gapped system running a combination of 2D and 3D cameras is deployed. The researcher can access these cameras in the browser on their local network to start/stop recordings and to get an overview of running experiments and animals that are currently being housed in their facility.

The 3Rs in Animal Research

Preclinical studies often involve animals, and ensuring their welfare is vital. Our platform aligns with the 3Rs principle in animal research: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement. By providing a non-invasive, stress-free environment for animals, we are actively reducing and refining the use of animals in research. Moreover, our technology aids in the ‘Replacement’ aspect by offering alternative methods for data collection that could potentially minimize the need for animal use in future studies.

Enhancing Data Accuracy and Efficiency

Aivero’s platform is not just about animal welfare; it’s also about enhancing data accuracy. By reducing human-animal interaction, we decrease variables that could skew research results. Our integration with automated video analysis toolshelp researchers quickly analyze vast amounts of data, thus boosting efficiency and accuracy in biomedical research findings.

Looking Forward: A New Era in Biomedical Research

As we move forward, Aivero is committed to continuously improving and expanding the capabilities of our video-capturing solution. We aim to not only support biomedical research but also to revolutionize it by introducing more innovative features that uphold the highest standards of scientific integrity and animal welfare.

The successful deployments at the NIH and FDA mark the beginning of a new era in biomedical research. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, contributing to scientific advancements while ensuring ethical research practices.

Stay tuned for more updates as we explore new frontiers in video-capturing technology and its impact on biomedical research.

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