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At Aivero, we believe in the power of science to bring positive change, but we also recognize the importance of conducting research responsibly and ethically. This is why we are supporting the ongoing efforts of NORECOPA to replace, reduce, and refine (3Rs) the use of animals in research.

About Norecopa

Norecopa is a Norwegian consensus platform founded in 2007 to promote the replacement, reduction and refinement of animal experiments. Since then, Norecopa has played a pivotal role in shaping practices to improve animal welfare. At the forefront of advocating and implementing the 3Rs, Norecopa promotes more humane and effective research practices through:

  1. Educational Resources and Training: Norecopa provides extensive resources to educate researchers and the public about animal welfare and best practice in research settings.
  2. Advocacy and Political Engagement: Norecopa participates actively in discussions and hearings on animal welfare legislation.
  3. Development of Guidelines and Best Practices: Norecopa’s PREPARE guidelines are a testament to their commitment to improving the planning and execution of animal research and testing.

Take Action!

If you are interested, please visit Norecopa to learn more about how you can help secure a future where animal research is conducted with the highest ethical standards and care. We are excited to see how our support will help Norecopa in their crucial work and look forward to a future of continued collaboration.

Together, we can ensure humane and impactful research! 

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