Aivero established

Video and robotics experts establishes machine vision company

Aivero AS is a brand new machine vision company established by a team of experienced video streaming and robotic vision experts from Norway, Denmark and Germany. Several of the team members have built camera and video technology companies before and has significant experience within video streaming, robotics technology, machine learning/AI and machine vision.

The company has developed a core technology which has the potential of changing how  machine vision is used within industrial applications.

  • Significantly easier to use
  • Better accessibility
  • Lower setup cost
  • Lower hardware cost 
  • Centralised administration of machine vision systems
  • Over the air updates
  • Enhanced performance for running AI/Deep learning,  cross sectional learning, transfer learning

By compressing depth data + 2D video and streaming it to the cloud with extremely low latency, the company is opening the door for many interesting machine vision applications in the future. 

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