Streaming 3D video on smartphones

Did you know that you might already be carrying a depth-sensing camera in your pocket? Nowadays more and more smartphones are sold with depth-sensing technology?

Initially, depth sensors were included on the display side of the phone and enabled the application that unlocked your phone just by looking at it. Using depth sensors and machine learning – many smartphones now offer this convenient, touch-less and secure way to unlock a handset.

Many smartphones today include depth sensing on the world facing side of the phone. Combined with the handset’s onboard software-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) there’s an ever increasing range of applications and use cases available to consumers:

Augmented and mixed reality
– IKEA customers can test products in real-time in their own home using their phone and the IKEA Place app
– PokemonGo let’s users play a game in the surroundings using their phones

Digital photography and movie-making
– Depth sensors enhance portraits where focus is important or when blurring the background
– Easier implement computer/special effects to videos

Motion tracking and gesture recognition
– Enabling touch-less gesture control of the phone

Measuring and metering
– Use your smartphone to measure short distances
– Create a 3D map of rooms you are in

Different mobile devices employ different technologies to provide depth sensing capabilities (active stereo, passive, stereo, structured light and time of flight).

The common feature is that for extended usage the data rate produced by the sensors will quickly strain the memory and the network bandwidth of any device. This may limit how the applications are used and could drive up price as more expensive hardware components are needed.

Aivero offers a solution to make 3D depth streaming more effective and easier to share and utilise in various mobile apps. 

With our proprietary technology we offer a technology that lets you stream 3D videos in real-time, with little to no delay, from and to multiple devices. This enables 3D video to be efficiently streamed across mobile networks and essentially enables building applications that combine or depend on cloud services. 

Using our solution it is possible to have a smooth running cloud support active at all times, also on a 4G connection. 

Let us help you achieving the following benefits:

  • Build high-performance 3D applications
  • Reduce bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Improve power consumption and battery life

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