Aivero raises funding lead by StartupLab

During the Summer Aivero closed a new fundraising round that included some of Norway’s most known early-stage investors. 

We are grateful to have such competent, reputable and engaging investors believe in us.

Aivero targets industrial users of RGB-D cameras (Intel RealSense, Microsoft Azure Kinect etc). Depth sensors are already being used in consumer smart phones, whilst robotics, cars and CCTV/surveillance are industrial uses where we’ll see increasing adoption in the near future.

Our goal is to provide the best and most user-friendly platform for streaming and managing 3D video at scale across networks.

The funding raised will enable us to expand our team and to continue focus on current key projects we have with partners both domestic and abroad.

Interested to learn more about us and our plans? Get in touch!

The Aivero team: Kasper S. Jensen, Raphael Dürscheid, Niclas M. Overby, Martin Svangtun, Christian Rokseth, Tobias Morell, Laura M. Fenoy and Andrej Orsula (Not present: Vojtěch Jindra)

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